Our Principles

And how we mastered the 1 inch punch

The following principles are important to us. If they are important to you, then let’s talk.

Results Driven Design

It’s not as much about the bells and whistles as it is about getting you the results you need. “Sure it looks good, but does it work?”


Work done right

We strive to find the best solutions for every project. So we limit the number of clients we take on, so that we can focus on delivering the best work possible.


Let's be Honest

Honesty, and openess is a key part of our communication. We’ll tell you the truth, even though it might sting. We expect the same from our clients.


Saving Time

Getting the right people together is important to move a project forward, which is why we reduce meetings and focus on iterating faster through emails, and live prototypes.


Reasonable Expectations

We beleive it’s essential to set expectations before beginning the project, and holding to them throughout. If we can’t meet your expectations, we’ll just say so.


Our Team is a group of super heroes and master minds.

Jason Beaton, Director of Marketing

Designer, Developer, Entreprenerd. Jason likes to tinker, experiment and see what sticks.

Kurt Russell, Sales & Solutions

In spite of his love for the outdoors, Kurt handles tech with the best of them. A master of matching solutions to problems, he's an asset to the team no matter which hat he's wearing.

Kyle Rogstad, Director of Technology

While studying to join the Sith, Kyle discovered a secret love of science. Exposed, he was exiled to planet Earth of the future, where he has struggled to use our antiquated tools and has committed his life to restoring the lost art of advanced technology.

Mark, Indelible Mascot

Mark is our never-judging, always-supportive team mascot. Think of him like the team mom. Don't worry, we don't ever let him handle shooting video or photos...

Michael Dion, Lead Developer

When not wrestling monsters from his kids' closet, Mike can usually be found surrounded by monitors loaded with hieroglyphics and other miscellany.

Tina Derby, Sales & Client Relations

Spending years in internet marketing, Tina can help our clients navigate their options like an expert trail guide.