Free e-Commerce for Retailers

For a very limited time, Vermont retailers can benefit from a grant offered by the Regional Development Corporations of Vermont.


How does it work?

The Regional Development Corporations of Vermont have offered a grant to Vermont businesses for technical assistance. The grant has an extremely tight timeline with a requirement that projects are completed by Dec 4th. 

To that end, Indelible has recognized digital marketing and e-commerce as major hurdles for small businesses and has developed a package that fits within the grant requirements with a pre-approved scope of work (subject to final evaluation by the RDC).

Your business will get a branding analysis and a scalable e-commerce powered website with all costs covered by the grant for the first year!

In response to business grants available through the Regional Development Corporations of Vermont, Indelible is prepared to fast track an e-commerce site development process that will get you a branding analysis and online store setup at no-cost to you*.

It's simple, just follow these steps:

1. Reserve Your Spot

Indelible is offering this package on a first come first serve basis. Since we can't get started without an approved SoW from the RDC, we'll hold your spot for up to a week!

Reserve My Spot

2. Apply for the ReVTA Grant

Once you've secured your spot on our list, head over to the RDC website to apply for their grant. Be sure to enter Indelible as your preferred vendor! 

Apply Now

3. Answer Branding Questions

In order to get started from our end, we need you to answer a series of questions about your business. We'll use that info to make recommendations and inform your e-commerce site!

Complete Branding Form

Reserve Your Spot

Complete the form to add your business to our list for our fast-track e-commerce program. This is first come, first served, so don't hesitate!

We'll send you an email with next steps, but you can always follow the path laid out above!

Finally, don't forget to share the opportunity with other business owners you know!

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