About Indelible Inc.

A brief look at the company known as Indelible. History, qualifications, and other interesting details for the curious.

What Is Indelible?

Inelible Inc is an award winning, Vermont based web development & digital marketing agency. That sounds boring, but what it really means is that we spend our time perfecting our clients' web presence so they can do what they do best!


The Founders


Kyle Rogstad

A native of Vermont, Kyle enjoys the research and development that goes with solving a new problem. On a personal level, he has a multitude of technical interests - from indie game development to 3D printing custom hardware.

Mike Dion

A VT transplant (shh), Mike loves the logic and art of website architecture and developing a solid content strategy. As a father of four, he's also learned to manage lots of moving pieces. And to dodge legos.


Our History

From forming a band to starting film & marketing companies, the founders have been making things happen together since the late 90's. Just over two decades of celebrating success and learning from failure has culminated in Indelible Inc.

Indelible legally formed in the summer of 2013 as the pair prepared to take on what felt like a huge website development contract. It was a technical success, but smashing failure on the project level.

Determined to learn and grow, Kyle & Mike spent the next few years honing their craft and continuing to run Indelible around their full time jobs.

Finally, in 2016, demand from clients reached the tipping point. Mike either had to leave his full time job or give up on Indelible. It's probably obvious - he took the leap, joined by Kyle just a few months later.

Since that time the Indelible team has launched tons of successful projects, many with their own wild technical challenges!