What we Do

Indelible Inc. is a Vermont based media & marketing company that has three major goals:

  1. Build beautiful & functional websites
  2. Create compelling videos
  3. Integrate online marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Who is Indelible Inc.?

In 1997 two boys began a friendship over a game of Mario Kart 64. Those two kids eventually grew up, but never lost their inner geek. The only natural outcome: start a media company. Each specializes in a particular realm of media, with crossover skills to support. The pair often bring in additional talent as needed – it’s kind of like a Marvel team up. Here are the Indelible guys:


Kyle Rogstad

Lead Videographer

With several years of experience in broadcast television and event video work before that, Kyle brings the cinematic edge to Indelible. Not to mention, this guy can figure out pretty much anything, so the team relies on him daily.


Mike Dion

Lead Developer

Mike, an avid lover of logic puzzles, learned basic code in high school. Following a break to explore other avenues, he returned to development after data analysis in Excel (of all things!) reignited his thirst. No turning back now…

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