No Or Low-Cost Website For Non-Profits And Small Businesses With a Strong Mission

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What's the Goal?

At Indelible we love our friends who are making a difference in the world. Whether it’s the local parent child center or a national wild horse rescue, there are a million and one ways to make the world a better place. We each have our own calling, and we want to provide opportunities for organizations to make the biggest impact possible.

We believe that a clear, well defined website is at the heart of reaching your audience online. This grant is available to make that attainable for nonprofits and businesses that otherwise might not have access.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

This grant is offered as a service to nonprofits and small businesses that have a mission to make life better on planet Earth. We have to put some parameters on that, so here’s the checklist:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be either a non-profit or a small business with a mission OR be in the process of forming one of these
  • If in the formation process, have an anticipated launch date within 6 months of your application submission
  • Must have a worthwhile mission that can be clearly articulated
  • Must be able to clearly articulate how your organization addresses the mission
  • Articulate or be prepared to develop a plan for making the website a central part of your marketing efforts

Who Isn't Eligible?

  • Organization’s/businesses that promote or sell “adult” content (drugs, sex, you get the idea)
  • Political Organizations
  • Anything that’s illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise makes the world worse (can’t believe we even have to say this)

What Is The Award?

The award may vary, but it’s usually a turnkey website (approximately $3k in value) or an equivalent amount of work towards a finalized custom website. To be clear, this is not a cash award. This is a website, developed by the Indelible team, for your organization to build a strong digital marketing foundation.
This award does not include work on an existing website. Indelible is happy to explore quoting such work, but as the scope can vary wildly, it’s not a part of this grant opportunity.

The Selection Process

Awards are granted as funds are available. The grant is self-funded by Indelible as a percentage of our income, which can vary drastically! We will keep this page updated as we approach an anticipated award date to provide a cutoff for applications to be considered in this round. At this point, we anticipate 3-4 awards per year.

Anticipated Application Cutoff: 1.15.2024

The Indelible leadership team will review all submissions, selecting the top 3-5 applications to submit to a board of volunteers who will select the final application.

Selection Criteria

In addition to the eligibility criteria, we’ll be looking at these important factors:
  • How well do you define, understand, or otherwise “get” your mission?
  • How effective is your approach likely to be?
  • How much impact will the website have on your ability to accomplish your goals?
  • How well prepared are you to make the most use of the website?
  • Can you demonstrate a financial need?
  • Do you have clear organizational/business goals for the next year or longer?

Selection Committee

Applications are first vetted by the Indelible leadership team, then the leading 3-5 applications are passed on to a team of volunteers who have graciously agreed to help us make the hardest decisions. Our current selection team consists of:
Miguel Calderon of Calderon Dining

Miguel Calderón

Calderón Dining

Got Questions?

You can bet there’s a lot of questions about this. Here are some of the most common. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us using our contact form.
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