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Strategy Aprovals

Please review the technical strategy to be sure our plans our in alignment with your vision. Feel free to ask any and all questions that come up! This document will serve as a guide for the developers during the build phase.

Please review the content strategy. The content outlined in this document does not need to be the final content, but should match the length and purpose closely. Some content is suggested, some is borrowed from the existing site. We want to get this to about 80% before we begin the design phase, as major changes in content length or purpose can have drastic impacts on the design phase.


Clarify user journey by improving the overall "findability" of products.

Create an intuitive workflow for users to establish customization options

Allow for different pricing tiers based on account type.


Please review the documents above, then answer the questions in the form below.

We recommend bringing in any and all key decision makers before marking the phase as complete. Our goal is to suss out any and all concerns that could creep in later.

We're happy to make any adjustments necessary before closing out this phase. It becomes much more costly to move backward once we begin a new phase, so please bring up any and all concerns now. We can take it :-).

Guided Approval

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