Project Date: September 2019

Rural Opportunity Map

Requirements: Build a marketing site for an innovative mapping service that will live up to the standards of our major sponsors and stakeholders (like Reid Hoffman!).
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CORI is an incredible organization that not only supports innovation in rural areas, but is in and of itself incredibly innovative. As they were finishing an incredibly powerful mapping tool they approached us about building the marketing site prior to the launch. The timeline was fairly tight, and it had to meet the standards of some of their key sponsors, like Reid Hoffman (co-founder of Linkedin) and Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google). No pressure!

We got to work right away outlining the key requirements and decided to bring in Tyler Collins to ensure the visual appeal was just right. From there, we worked with Tyler and representatives from CORI to stand the site up in a matter of just a few weeks.

One of the most interesting pieces (for us nerds at least) was that we needed to connect to the Air Table API to generate a dynamic list of resources that could be updated by other members of the CORI team without ever logging into the website admin panel.


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Center on Rural Innovation


Tyler Collins

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