Project Date: May 2021

Wild Beauty Foundation

Requirements: Build a site to match the cinematic aesthetic of Black Beauty director Ashley Avis for a wild horse foundation she runs and make technical decisions to best support the varied efforts of the foundation.
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The Wild Beauty Foundation is an incredible charity that aims to rescue wild horses that are being forced into slaughter pipelines – in part by facilitating rescues, but also by leveraging their unique celebrity connections to raise awareness. New Leaf Creative designed an elegant mock-up that perfectly integrated with Ashley Avis’ cinematography and served as a launching off point for the Indelible team to tackle the technical side of things.

There were several elements of the project that required custom development, including the “in the press” section where we developed a script to pull meta data from the articles themselves, saving several steps in the posting process. We also leveraged multiple schema types to ensure SEO optimization and took extra efforts to ensure that all open graph data for sharing was optimized.


Custom Development
Graphic Design
SEO Optimiztion
Web Development




The Wild Beauty Foundation

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