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Pile of blue legos
Mike Dion - May 20, 2022

Building an Effective Website Part 4: Build Phase

You’ve made it through all the strategic planning, approved the designs, and everyone is excited to see them come to life. Now it’s time for the build phase. During the build phase, the developers do their thing turning those carefully...
Artist in the midst of creating
Mike Dion - Sep 08, 2021

Building an Effective Website Part 3: Design Phase

Designing a website – it’s more than just making an attractive layout. All that time we spent painstakingly writing a plan that identifies how the site will accomplish its goals really begins to show fruit at this stage. While the...
Person writing user experience strategy
Mike Dion - Aug 11, 2021

Building an Effective Website Part 2: Writing the Plan

In most cases, a written plan is a must for a web project. This plan creates consensus among all the stakeholders and development team on what the true scope of work should be, and serves as a clear roadmap as...
Man searching with headlamp in the fog
Mike Dion - Jul 27, 2021

Building an Effective Website Part 1: Discovery Meeting

Building a website is easy – there are tons of do-it-yourself tools that business owners and marketing professionals can use to make it quick and cheap. So why is it still so hard to develop a website that looks great,...
Getting the most from your designer
Mike Dion - Oct 03, 2018

How can you get the most out of your designer?

When you work with a designer there are a few key things you can do to help ensure the end product is as amazing as possible. As lead developer here at Indelible I’m always working alongside a designer. When it...
What does it take to make it simple?
Mike Dion - Sep 21, 2018

What does it take to make it simple?

“I just need something simple.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that! Don’t worry if you’ve said this to me – it’s not a pet peeve, but it does represent a common misunderstanding that I’m hoping...